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This page contains information about long term care and the rights of people living in long term care facilities in New York State. For help with any of these issues, contact your Ombudsman. Ombudsmen are there to represent the people living in long term care facilities. They understand the system and advocate for their rights and improved quality of life.

Click on the statements below to learn more about resident rights and facility requirements.

Each person living in a nursing home has specific rights under the law

Each community of nursing home residents also has rights

Nursing homes must have residents' councils

Many nursing homes have family councils

A 30 day notice must be given to a resident and his/her family before they are discharged or transferred to another facility

Nursing homes are required to post their most recent inspection report in a public area

There is no minimum staffing ratio requirement for nursing homes

New York State requires nursing homes to post a daily report of assigned staff in a public area

Ombudsmen receive extensive training before being certified

To find and contact your Ombudsman, click on "Who is My Ombudsman?".