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What is an Ombudsman?

ombudsman (om' budz' man) noun A person who investigates complaints, reports findings, and mediates fair settlements, especially between an individual consumer and an institution or organization. [Swedish for 'citizen advocate']

A certified Long Term Care Ombudsman is a professionally trained and certified advocate who resolves issues with long term care facilities on behalf of residents and their families. In New York State there is a State Ombudsman and 36 Substate Ombudsman Coordinators. They support and train the more than 1,000 certified Ombudsmen who are the first line of contact with residents and long term care facilities.

Certified Ombudsmen include former teachers, businessmen, health care workers, and others. They are also homemakers, attorneys, and others who care about the well being of people living in nursing homes and adult care facilities.

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Questions & Complaints

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